Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Metallic object detecting robot

The project “Metallic object detecting robot” is undertaken as third year project as per the requirement of Bachelor of electrical and electronics engineering course in Kathmandu university. The project “Metallic object detecting robot” is taken underway as third year project to get the basic ideas and knowledge of the field of automation and robotics and to get familiar with microprocessor.

Metal detecting robot consists of two major parts first one is mobile or moving part which moves in the path specified by the microcontroller and the second one is the metal detecting part which detects the metal through the change in the set frequency of the collpitts oscillator and comparing the frequency of crystal and collpits oscillator passing both of those through mixture and low pass filter. The output of the low pass filteris fed to microcontroller which suddenly stops the movement of robot for certain time. Metal detecting robot can be useful in detectingmetal in places like hospitals, child care centers etc. It can also beuseful in detecting mines in suspected places.
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