Monday, August 5, 2013

Design of Substation

following factors should be evaluated when selecting a substation site:
a. Location of present and future load center
b. Location of existing and future sources of power
c. Availability of suitable right-of-way and access to site by overhead or underground
transmission and distribution circuits
d. Alternative land use considerations
e. Location of existing distribution lines
f. Nearness to all-weather highway and railroad siding, accessibility to heavy equipment under all
weather conditions, and access roads into the site
g. Possible objections regarding appearance, noise, or electrical effects
h. Site maintenance requirements including equipment repair, watering, mowing, landscaping,
storage, and painting
i. Possible objections regarding present and future impact on other private or public facilities
j. Soil resistivity
k. Drainage and soil conditions
l. Cost of earth removal, earth addition, and earthmoving
m. Atmospheric conditions: salt and industrial contamination
n. Cost of cleanup for contaminated soils or buried materials
o. Space for future as well as present use
p. Land title limitations, zoning, and ordinance restrictions
q. General topographical features of site and immediately contiguous area; avoidance of
earthquake fault lines, floodplains, wetlands, and prime or unique farmlands where possible
r. Public safety
s. Public concern; avoidance of schools, daycare centers, and playgrounds
t. Security from theft, vandalism, damage, sabotage, and vagaries of weather
u. Total cost including transmission and distribution lines with due consideration of
environmental factors
v. Threatened and endangered species and their critical habitat
w. Cultural resources
x. Possible adverse effects on neighboring communications facilities