Tuesday, January 3, 2017

PTE academic Reading : Tips for Re-order the paragraph

Steps to be followed to solve Re-order paragraph Questions                                                                      1.  Read all the sentences that are provided and identify their unified central Idea or Central theme.      2. Step ahead for the proper or accurate identification of topic sentence. Read each sentence again and look for the sentence that carries the following characteristics.
Ø  It states the main topic of the theme.
Ø  It doesn’t talk about the content of other sentences, but others talk about it.
Ø  It doesn’t contain any pronoun that refers to the antecedent that lies in other sentences.
Ø  It doesn’t begin with any transitional devices that indicate the flow of the information from other sentences to it.
Ø  It simply states an idea that is the central discussion of all other sentences.
Ø  It establishes a new point that is logically followed by other sentences.