Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Difference between Bonding, Grounding & Earthing.

Bonding is the act of joining two electrical conductors together. These may be two wires, a wire and a pipe, or these may be two Equipments. Bonding has to be done by connecting of all the metal parts that are not supposed to be carrying current during normal operations to bringing them to the same electrical potential.
Bonding it self doesn't protect any thing.

Earthing means connecting the dead part  to the earth for example electrical equipment’s frames, enclosures, supports etc.
The purpose of earthing is to minimize the risk of receiving an electric shock if touching metal parts when a fault is present. Generally green wire is used for this as a nomenclature.
Grounding means connecting the live part  to the earth for example neutral of power transformer. It is done for the protections of power system equipment and to provide an effective return path from the machine to the power source.
Grounding refers the current carrying part of the system such as neutral.
reference: EEP