Saturday, August 22, 2015

Chemical Pipe Earthing

Chemical Pipe earthing:

The hollow pipe used in the chemical pipe earthing is fitted with a G.I. strip of “appropriate size” and CCM (Crystalline conducive mixture) is compressed into the pipe and pipe is sealed at both the end.

 CCM is a semi metal and the hollow pipe filled with CCM behave like a solid pipe and therefore the current carrying capacity increases substantially.

 CCM has a high melting temperature of 2500°c and unlike coal it will not burn into ashes under high temperatures of 1500°c under high fault currents occurring due to phase to phase or phase to earth fault.
The humidity factor (The moisture level) is maintained by Aluminium Silicate surrounding the electrode in a slurry form. The Aluminium Silicate has a property of absorbing water 13 times its weight and doesn’t dissolve in the water. It remains moist and soft throughout the life. A minimum rain fall of 2.5 cm in a year makes the Aluminium Silicate moist and humid for next one year and therefore the cycle keeps on repeating year of year. Therefore, because of quality of Aluminium Silicate no additional watering is done whether in summer, winter or rainy season i.e. under any climatic condition.