Friday, April 11, 2014

Formula for calculation of Fixture and Lumen of light necessary for Building

Required formula:


Total Wattage of Fixtures: No of Lamps X each Lamp’s Watt.
2. Lumen per fixtures: Lumen Efficiency(Lumen per Watt) x each Fixture’s Watt
3. Required No of Fixtures : Required Lux x Room Area / MFxUFx Lumen per Fixture
4. Maximum spacing between Fixtures: Space height Ratio x height
5. Number of Row required : width of Room / Max. Spacing

Number of Fixture Required in each Row :
Total Fixtures / No of Row
7 Axial Spacing between Fixtures : Length of Room / Number of Fixture in each Row
8 Transverse Spacing between Fixtures:   width of Room / Number of Fixture’s row