Sunday, September 29, 2013

In search of happiness

   By: Omkar Lamsal
Recently we celebrated 2557th Buddha Jayanti. It is important for all of us to ponder about the five codes of conducts that lord Buddha has taught us, which are basically known as the ‘panchashila’ . It reminds us to be abstain from all sorts of violence, stealing, lying, co-habitation, and alcohol. If we could follow these principles in our daily life, our society would be like a paradise. Unfortunately, such virtuous qualities have been  a far cry, in this land of Buddha.
  I would like to share a   story, of this reality, in which a famous Russian writer, Anton Chekhov has described about a solitary monastery, which was across a desert.
One   night, all of a sudden, a hunter knocked on their gate, as he was lost while hunting around.  He was tired and a bit drunk, as he had consumed his last part of foodstuff and alcohol.
 He said that he was lost in the forest, which means symbolically, almost all   human beings have lost or forgotten their destinations.   He, then asked the monks, why they had abandoned their society instead of serving there. He also reminded them that in the city, people have been suffering a lot. Some die of starvation, while others not knowing what to do with their gold. There is neither faith nor truth among men. Whose duty is to   save them? So, if they could save the souls of corrupted people that would be a great service to humanity. ‘But you don’t do anything, you monks’ he complained,’ All you care about is your victuals and drinks. Is that the way to save your souls’?
Listening to him, the chief of the monks, decided to visit the city and remind people, of the God. But, due to an evil chance, the first house he entered, was an abode of sin .A number of people were dancing, having drinks ,and speaking roughly, as if they were not afraid of anyone.  On the table, among them, was a lady in her scanty dress. The   shameless woman also drank wine, sang songs and surrendered herself to the feasters.
The helpless monk returned to the monastery and explained his disciples, what he had seen in the city, and being embarrassed he locked himself inside his cell.
Next morning, when he woke up and came out of his room, to his surprise, there were no other monks in the monastery .All of them had left for the city.
Now, I leave it for you to think , whether they went  to the city to save the souls of those corrupted people or for other reasons. However, we all need to think once, for the perpetual happiness by following Buddha’s   Panchashilas.