Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Guidelines to Buy Laptop

Laptop’s Processor
Home buyer – Core i3
College projects – Core i3 or ULV
Office work – Core i5 ULV, Core i7 ULV
Multimedia purpose – Core i5 or Core i7 and AMD A10
For gaming – Core i5 or better

Laptop’s RAM
Home buyer – 4GB or up
College projects – 4GB
Office work – 4GB or up
Multimedia purpose – 6GB or up
For gaming – 4GB or up

Laptop’s Hard Disk
Home buyer – 500GB+
College projects – 500GB+
Office work – 128GB SSD and 500GB+
Multimedia purpose – iTB
For gaming – iTB

Screen Size and Weight
Home buyer – 39.6-cm (15.6-inch), 2.5 kg or less
College projects – 35.5-cm (14-inch), 2 kg or less
Office work – 33-cm (13-inch), 1.7 kg or less
Multimedia purpose – 39.6-cm (15.6-inch) or bigger with Full HD resolution weighing 2.7 kg
For gaming – 39.6-cm (15.6-inch) or bigger with Full HD resolution weighing 2.7 kg

Laptop’s Graphics Card
Home buyer – Not needed
College projects – Not needed
Office work – Not needed
Multimedia purpose – simple graphic card
For gaming –HD767OM or GT630M, preferably cards like 879OM or GT750M

Laptop’s Price Range
Home buyer – Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000
College projects – Rs 30,000 to Rs 55,000
Office work – Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000
Multimedia purpose – Rs 45,000 to Rs 1,20,000
For gaming – Rs 35,000 to Rs 1,20,000